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Peliculas De Travestis Gratis

[RPS] The Moon on the Snow

Author: [info] taurie_2020
Title: The Moon on the Snow
Pairing: Viggo / Orlando
Beta: [info] dhely / [info] indra_pavamana
Note: This is the fic for Christmas [info] ewyn
Note1: Twin ewyn , is the first and last will write ViggOrly for obvious inability of this fandom, but this is all for you! Merry Christmas!

"Please, Mr. Mortensen, come in" ..
The secretary of the magazine's editor made him sit in the office of his boss, and he is satisfied that he did not want or coffee, or else went away leaving him to wait.
Viggo looked around, was a study of old-style antique furniture and massive and filled with the soft golden light of late afternoon. On the polished surface of the desk lay a book by its cover bright. To kill time the man took it and saw that it was the best-selling book that was several weeks at the top of the charts across the world.
The Secret of Amelia Orlando Bloom. Viggo snorted, it was a bit 'surprised to see in the austerity den that had been described as the Harry Potter in a skirt, or The answer to the trendy Rowling, this comment was aimed at the handsome young man smiling photographed on the back of the book, and that the man suspected to be the gost writer of some kind of elderly spinster full of phobias, holed up in some attic in Chicago, but the young Englishman moved in the woods of New England in search of nature, that he avoid the chaos of the city.
At that moment the office door opened, then Viggo would have considered the moment when his life had taken this strange turn that would lead to a world very different from what he knew.

A week later he was driving through the woods of New England, led to housing Isolated Orlando Bloom, who had been assured, not only existed, but it was a very gracious young man even though shy and suffering from a particular form of agoraphobia, which had led him to relocate from his native England in the woods, where he could live surrounded by miles of uninhabited spaces.
He led for several hours under a canopy of leaves yellow gold and red copper, seldom encountering other drivers. In those days of late autumn, that at any moment could have turned into winter, the villagers had blocked for weeks and had returned to their cottage in the cities from which they would be dropped again the following spring.
easily find the way Access to the cottage of the young writer. Although he had been warned that he advanced several miles into the woods, he was astonished by how remote quell'abitazione when it suddenly came out after the last corner, in a lovely meadow. For a moment he thought that the Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house would be similar to, but then smiled to himself: "You certainly will not find any wolf in the bed and got out.

few days later he was sitting on the porch of that house drinking tea with the writer, who reluctantly had to admit, he liked. A tall, slender young man with dark eyes and curly furniture rebels who personally care for the wooden house in the woods.
"I'm sorry I had to this long journey, but - she blushed - it was you wanted to photograph them for several years ... I admire your work ..." Another thing I liked was how quiet and subdued as he spoke.
Viggo shook his head: "It 's my job and I love it ... also, these woods are lovely, I intend to stay a bit' to take several photographs, I'd like to stay for some time to see the trees bare and maybe the first snow ... you know where I could find accommodation? Miss Watson that I rent a room in the village told me that closes later this month and will reopen in early April, he went to Florida in the reverse pass from her sister. "
Orlando placed the cup on the saucer carefully, then bit his lip undecided, finally spoke: "If you want ... you can feel here. But I warn you, the winter here is really hard and lonely, and people accustomed to the city is often frightened by the noises of the woods ... .... "
Viggo smiled: "Thanks, but I would not bother you, are you sure?"
Orlando nodded, "Yes, otherwise I would have suggested not ... come anytime, even tomorrow," he added hastily, blushing slightly.
"So if you're lucky I'm from weeks next, tomorrow I go back to town to talk with a couple of magazines, then come back and if I may, I will stop until after Christmas. "
Orlando seemed surprised: "Do not come back from your family for Christmas?"
Viggo darkened suddenly: "No ... I can not." Orlando
understood to have touched some sore spot and changed the subject, beginning to talk about some points of the forest that would show the following week.

From the diary of November 10

V. Mortensen 's almost ten days I wander in the woods near ***, sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of Orlando, which has proven to know them very well. I took enough for two photo exhibitions, but I will not go, and not just the magic of these woods to keep me, but I fear it is especially my young guest. I am often surprised to observe the search for new details to be fixed in the mind, and unfortunately, in my professional interest, there is nothing, because everything is directed to the person, not the photographic subject.
do not know if, and how to address the subject with him, I want to wait to see if I can guess something of his feelings towards me, although a man indecipherable, it seems that is working out for years to keep a big secret.

Orlando was standing on the porch, watching the moon rise behind the tops of trees, blacks against the blue of the night.
is growing, she thought nervously. He wondered what had occurred to him to invite the photographer there, ashamed of having yielded too much for the solitude and the undeniable attraction he felt for the blond man. Now he had a problem, although he also knew that the answer was all too risky. He sighed and went back in, agreeing with a pang the smile with which the received Viggo.
man was completely transparent to him.

The bomb exploded a few nights later, as they sat before the fire drinking tea and talking in the forest.
"When it snows, I'd go for a walk under the full moon," said Viggo suddenly. Orlando
felt missing a shot to the heart: "But do cold."
"for a while and then we will cover it ...".
"Not sure."
"Why?". Viggo
urged him.
"Well ... there are animals ...".
Viggo arched eyebrows skeptical: "Animals?"
"So ..." but it seems unconvinced. Orlando
sighs: "I speak for your safety."

From the diary of December 23

Mortensen V. It 's more than a month that do not update my journal ... I felt like a silly girl to do it just to write what I loved Orlando, and how happy we were together ... but now ...

What seemed to happen at the beginning of December alone. One evening they talked, as always before the fire, the Orlando had become closer and kissed him.
all. A
Viggo seemed to touch the sky with a finger.
Yet in all this was a 'but', and it was a "but" pretty big: Viggo had noticed that, in November, Orlando, a night had put something in the food to make him sleep. Could not be explained otherwise how he had fallen asleep on the chair that evening. It was the night of the famous full moon. For days after Orlando had appeared tired and worn, as if you were recovering from the flu, then got up one morning and had returned to normal. Viggo
was decided at the next full moon to discover the mystery.
That night he pretended to eat and sleep, as before, he saw, between half-closed eyelids, Orlando nervous to walk around the room, then exit to the veranda.
peered silently from behind the curtains and saw him undress and leave your clothes in a wooden box, then get completely naked in the snow. He looked up to heaven, right on the large moon was reflected on the snow and then the thing happened.
The body began to writhe, grew, changed shape, covered with long dark hair, fur, and fell on all fours.
the snow instead of the boy, there was a gigantic black wolf, howling at the moon, then without a glimpse of the house disappeared into the woods.
Viggo's first impulse was to escape, then a bit 'at a time he had calmed down and had only to wait until morning, when he returned with heavy shadows and pained. It was enough to see that look in Orlando knew.
Viggo had faced, told him that he did not know if he was ready to accept "that thing" and that he needed time to be alone.
The usual cliches, not to say that was running like hell. And indeed he had fled.

now was going around to Boston on the evening of Christmas Eve, watching the happy people, the windows adorned, the banquet around Quincy Market. Suddenly, noted in a display case full of chime-shaped crystal ball, those that are reversed to bring down the snow, which appeared in a two wolves howling at the moon.
Strange subject, he thought, and there he made his decision.
He entered the store, he bought the object, made him a nice package adorned with a big red bow. He went directly to the machine and, although it was already dark, he got behind the wheel.
would come after midnight, but did not mind.

was almost two in the morning when parked in the yard covered with snow in front of a home in Orlando and, practically, it attacked the doorbell of the house. A stunned and incredulous
Orlando was to open the door, staring at him as if he were a ghost or a hallucination. Viggo's put the gift in his hands: "Merry Christmas. Please give me another chance, I love you." At these words Orlando
seemed foregone, smiled: "Come inside, love. It's cold."
The door closed behind the two men, and in the dark house lit up a window.


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